• New! Protect your valuable home electronics with the ION LIGHTNING GUARD

    We start deliveries from late June.


    Ultra-Fast Surge Protection
    The Lightning Guard protects your valuable wall-powered electrical items against damage from electrical surges and spikes. Great for Computers and TV Recorders with valuable content. Protect hard- drives, Washing Machines, Printers, HiFiʼs, TVs, charging mobile phones and more.

    Plug into any earthed outlet and all your electronic devices on the same group within 10 meters are protected against the effects of lightning strike, power surges and spikes*.

    How it works
    The Lightning Guard guides the surge through the earth outlet, away from your valuable devices, reacting faster than other devices to protect your electrical goods. It has a handy blue LED to show when it is working.

    Response is everything
    Lightning guard has a less than 1 nanosecond response time ensuring that your devices are not subjected to prolonged exposure to electrical surges when surge spikes occur.

    Although many devices will claim to have built-in surge protection they often have much slower response times subjecting your device to prolonged damage in the event of an electricity surge or spike.

    Nominal rating at constant load: 16A (DE) 13A (UK), 250V, 50Hz Max. energy dissipation: 1100 J
    Maximum spike current 20000A Amps: L-N 10000A, L-G 10000A Clamping voltage: L-N,L-G 1.5KV
    Protection modes: L-N, L-G
    Response time: < 1 ns

    * All devices must all be plugged into the same electrical group as the Lightning guard to be protected. The range of 10 meters is important for the response time of the Lightning guard. Devices that are further away than 10 meters in a straight line will not be protected because distance will influence the response time

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  • Introduction new negative & slide scanner with 14 million pixels!

    Available from June in South Africa the ION Film2SD Plus!

    With Film 2 SD Plus, you can enjoy your old pictures with the latest technology. Instantly scan 35mm slides and negatives to the included SD card and view them on digital picture frames, televisions, mobile phones, computers, and other portable devices*.

    Film 2 SD Plus is fast and easy to use. Just one button starts the scan, and the convenient auto focus, auto exposure, and auto-color balance mean you don't have to be a photo whiz to make great digital images—you'll be reliving all of your treasured memories in no time!

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  • Video2PC HD now comes with Power Director 9 software

    Available from mid June in South Africa the newest video converter from ION!

    VIDEO 2 PC HD is a video conversion system that captures, converts, and improves the quality of nearly any video and audio source. The result is high-quality digital videos on your computer. You can watch your upgraded videos on your computer, record them onto a DVD*, or load them onto your portable video player, such as PSP or iPod.

    For even those with almost no computer experience, VIDEO 2 PC HD is easy to connect to VCRs, camcorders, and most other video-playback sources. Simply plug in the three color-coded cables on one side and the standard USB jack to your computer, and you’re set. VIDEO 2 PC HD even comes with Power Director 9 software with HD upscaling software! Works with PC including W8.1 and Mac.

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  • FAQ all you need to know about Turntables & Walkmans

    Turntable and Cassette Player - Frequently Asked Questions

    ION Audio produces a range of USB Turntable and Cassette players that allow you to easily convert your records or cassettes into MP3 files on your computer.   In this guide, we will walk you through connecting the device, setting up and using the included EZ Converter software.  We also cover common questions and troubleshooting.

    iPad/iPhone/iPod users (click here)
    PC & Mac users (click here)


  • New version of EZ Vinyl/tape converter software live.

    If you've got an ION USB turntable or cassette deck, you have the power to convert your vinyl or tapes straight to your iTunes library with EZ Vinyl/Tape converter software.

    Download the latest version using one of the logos below to make sure your software is up to date for best compatibility.

    Important to delete old version of the software before you instal the new version.

  • Do you have problems with your installation Pics2PC?

    Do you have problems with your installation Pics2PC?
    please read the following carefully.

    1) General installation problem?
    2) Your Pic2PC is not working with Windows8
    3) Do you have Chinese characters?


    1)      The ION Pics2PC but also all our other USB products must be connected to a direct USB port. Desktop computers usually have them at the back. Do not use extension cables or USB Hubs.

    If you are wrongly connected, disconnect device and restart your computer and after restart connect your device to a direct USB port.

    2)      There are two versions of the Pics2PC on the market, difference is the software and the location of the USB port. The Pics2PC V1 delivered between 2010-mid-2013 comes  with "Blaze" software. You can recognize Pics2PC V1 because the USB port is located on the front of the scanner. The Pic2PC v2 comes with "Nimo" software, the location of the USB port is at the side of the scanner.

    We have an update for windows 8 for both versions, please remove your current version of the software from your computer (Click here) for the latest version of "Blaze" & "Nimo" the download option is below the picture see “Drivers”
    3)      Unfortunately, we delivered  is a small batch on the marked Pics2PC v2 "Nimo" software with an incorrect CD version, you will see only Chinese characters on your screen. Remove this version of the software from your computer. (Click here) for the latest version of "Blaze" & "Nimo" the download option is below the picture see “Drivers”

    For questions you (click here)
    Sorry for the inconvenience,


    On behalf of the ION Audio service team.

  • ION proudly presents the new turntable line-up

    Sleek looks and modern capability - with LP from ION Audio, you'll get the most out of your records. Convert your LPs into convenient MP3 files easily, or just kick back and listen to the pure sound of your recods the old- fashioned way. with its elegant piano-black finish and low-profile design, Pure LP is a turntable you'll be proud to Display in your home.

    Coming soon availible from 15 July!

    Available in Black & Wood

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  • The new Block Rocker used by Red Bull promotion team.

    The new ION Block Rocker Bluetooth has more power 50 watt, longer lasting battery life of 50 Hours and has a built in AM/FM radio! Blast your music whenever and wherever you want: Block Rocker Bluetooth is a powerful and flexible all-in-one sound system for iOS devices, MP3 players, microphones and instruments.

    we are proud that the promotion team of Red Bull also have chosen for the Block Rocker Bluetooth! (Made by ACT)


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